Ireland here we come!

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No, we're not talking Six Nations, but INSPECTING

Kerry O'Neill

Kerry on her Grand Tour

Sawday's is heading for Ireland and a mammoth inspecting trip and we've got a new girl to help us, Kerry O'Neill, who's all set to tour the island in her lovely campervan. If she's short of a bed for the night - that couldn't possibly happen? - she'll self-cater, so she's called this tour 'Round Ireland with a kitchen'.

Kerry's last escapade was A Grand Tour - a solo cycling road trip of almost 3,000km, from her home in Bristol to

Campervan Ireland

In Ireland? Look out for Kerry's campervan

Rome via Paris, Geneva, the Alps, Venice and Tuscany. She did it in seven weeks, on a total budget (including food, accommodation, ferries and a train journey home), of just £1,000. Setting off for a couple of weeks of fab company, big breakfasts and comfy beds is quite a prospect, then.

And she's better prepared this time: "On my bike tour to Rome, I had road maps at 800,000:1," she says. "In real terms, this meant that practically the only roads marked on them were motorways. Anything remotely safe, scenic or lightly trafficked was too small to appear. Which is why I scraped holes in my apocalypse-proof panniers as lorries scraped me against metal sidings, and why leather-booted faux-policeman (they couldn't have been real!) escorted me from Italian motorways. My maps of Ireland are terrific. They practically show the rows of the raised beds in people's allotments and the weave of the wool in the locals' Aran jumpers. I'll know exactly where I am at all times; I shan't get lost! I won't!"

If you're in Ireland late Feb early March, look out for the green van splashed with pink flowers and wave Kerry in for a cuppa.

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