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Spotlight on our top five B Corp businesses

By Ella Perryman

One of the brilliant things about being a Certified B Corporation is being part of a growing community of like-minded businesses who are also striving to make a positive change. The certification proves that the company has a deep commitment to changing not just the way they do business, but the way business is done all over the world. We highlight five fellow B Corp businesses who are making an impact in their industries, from sustainable clothing to fruit and veg and dog food.


Riverford Organic

The recently awarded Riverford Organic have been running their business ethically for over 30 years. Their aim is to “make informed decisions about the important issues affecting us and our environment” and the proof is in the pudding. 100% of the veg they grow is organic,  they never air freight, always treat farmers fairly, agreeing good prices well in advance, and by the end of 2020, they’ll be using home compostable packaging. All of their produce is grown seasonally and you’ll always spot a few wonky pieces of fruit and veg in your box because causing unnecessary waste is something that doesn’t sit right with them.

With a score of 124.6, it’s evident Riverford are doing things the right way. Not only is their production line honest and transparent, they’re also an Employee-owned company too. Like us, they went down the route in order to protect Riverford’s values and ensure its independence. Today, they are 74% owned by an Employee Trust, benefitting all employees equally. 

View more information about Riverford Organic and B Corp >


Clothing production is undeniably one of the most damaging industries for the planet, which is why the people behind British clothing brand Finisterre knew they needed to make a difference. Since 2003, they have taken a pioneering approach to make a better and more sustainable product. They’ve made informed decisions about their impact on the environment from the production line all the way to encouraging customers to reuse and recycle their clothing.

In 2005, they embarked on their search for a British Merino supply chain to bring their manufacturing closer to home. Today, they have over 300 Merino sheep in Devon producing a material that is not only hardy but much more eco-friendly to produce. In October 2019, they launched their Leave No Trace garment bags – an industry first. The bags are water soluble, recyclable, biodegradable and break down into non-toxic biomass. Finisterre have a huge passion for the sea, and strive to ensure their business is eliminating any single-use plastic waste that could contribute to ocean pollution. Finisterre are also committed to making positive social changes and have recently worked on a project to overcome barriers to surfing in countries where modesty laws make access to the ocean difficult for women and young girls. You’ll find their shops all around the UK, but we are particularly lucky to have them as neighbours here in Bristol.

View more information about Finisterre and B Corp >

Lily’s Kitchen

Over ten years ago, Henrietta Morrison struggled to find pet food for her dog that was made with honest, natural ingredients. She decided to work with brilliant vets and nutritionists to make delicious, quality recipes using only the best ingredients. Back then, she knew that she wanted to do more and, so, became one of the founding members of B Corp in the UK and the first pet food company in the world to have the certification. Today, they work across their entire production line to ensure it is as ethical as possible: from sourcing ingredients to harvesting meat and using only recyclable packaging.

Lily’s Kitchen also do amazing charity work, and have given over 750,000 meals to cats and dogs in need since 2016. They have worked with over 100 animal rescue centres around the UK, donating dinners and mucking in at events. Each of their employees is also given one paid volunteer day each year to make as much impact as possible!

View more information about Lily’s Kitchen and B Corp >

Vivo Barefoot

Founded in 2012 by two seventh-generation cobblers, Vivo Barefoot sprung onto the shoe market with a strong vision in mind. They wanted to reconnect people and the planet, with the goal to create regenerative footwear that brings you closer to nature. You’ll find the shoes make you feel as close to being barefoot as possible, to connect you to the earth and feel the ground beneath your feet.

Sustainability and ethics are at the core of what they do, so becoming a B Corporation felt like the natural thing to do. Employee-owned to boot, the company has continued to grow from strength to strength but only in the right direction. They continue to monitor multiple factors of the business from product, to employees and the community looking at waste management, off-setting, water usage, chemicals, biodiversity and more.

View more information about Vivo Barefoot and B Corp >

The Guardian

It was a brilliant step for media when The Guardian became the first major news corporation in the world to go B Corp. “We have always been a purpose-led organisation” strategist Julia Richards says, and “it’s important to us that we can demonstrate to our readers that we are doing more than just talking”. The Guardian group is owned by the Scott Trust in a unique structure that exists to safeguard journalistic freedom and progressive values from commercial or political interference.

They are looking rigorously at where they are doing well and where they need to work harder when it comes to their environmental and social impact. They are committed to being carbon neutral by 2030 and already have a target of eliminating the gender pay gap in the top gap by 2022. They are working to be a more diverse and representative employer, and have made a climate pledge. They believe that the world is “in the grip of an environmental emergency but too many governments and businesses are not taking meaningful action to address it”. It’s brilliant to see a major media outlet taking responsibility for their contribution to the world, encouraging journalism that is both trustworthy and independent.

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