Travelling to Europe after Brexit

For those of us who love Europe, Brexit only changes a few details of how we visit our favourite places. We’ll still spend long afternoons on sun-drenched terraces, swim in those clear blue waters and sample a little too much of the finest cheese and wine. 

When you’re planning your next European adventure, check the UK government website for any new requirements. If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration, here are some top tips and itineraries from our team, our owners and some of our favourite writers.

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A Love Letter to Europe

Sawday’s founder, Alastair writes a love letter to his favourite continent and discusses the magic that drew him into France’s hidden villages and Italy’s hilltop farmhouses all those years ago.

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12 reasons we love Europe

We’ve been in love with Europe ever since our founder Alastair turned the battered notes from his French walking tours into our first book.  Here are just 12 of the many reasons we love this very special continent.

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Back to the France I fell in love with

Back in 1994, Alastair Sawday visited Burgundy in search of Bed & Breakfasts to start his new “Special Places” book. He recently revisited to find out whether the French B&B has come of age.

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Travelling Light – Italy

Alastair’s book Travelling Light is a charming account of the pleasures of slow travel and a lifetime of meandering exploration. This excerpt from the chapter, “Gondola”, recounts his tales of his gastronomic journeys through Italy.

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Tim Moore travels Portugal’s coastal trains

Writer and adventurist Tim Moore travels from Porto to Lisbon by train, relinquishing the itinerary and taking advice from strangers to find the spirit of travel is alive and well in Portugal.

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Discover Andalucia: 500 years after Magellan’s adventure

Travel journalist and award-winning writer Sarah Baxter travelled to southwest Andalucía, discovering bohemian cities, world-class nature and colourful markets.

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A road trip through Provence

France expert Carolyn Boyd is no stranger to Provence. So when we asked her to send through her best tips for a visit, she sent back a wonderful road trip through some of the famous region’s hidden secrets.

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Lois Pryce in Cilento

Lois Pryce has motorcycled her way around the world, but for this Journey we channeled some authentic Italian spirit and sent her off in a vintage Fiat 500.

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