Our places to stay in Scotland range from remote bothies in the Highlands to grand country houses in the borders via stylish apartments in Edinburgh. It’s such a broad spectrum that it might make you question what we look for in the places we work with. The answer is, something special.  

All our places to stay are small-scale, independent businesses, run by people doing things their own way and letting their personality shine through. We personally inspect each one, to check the comfort and quality, but also to get a sense of who would love it. 

When they join us as members, we put you directly in touch with them, taking no commission from anyone, which saves them money and helps them survive in an industry that’s stacked in favour of huge, soulless chain hotels.    

So browse our collection of colourful, characterful places to stay in Scotland, knowing that not only could you end up staying somewhere great but you’ll be supporting someone great too.  

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Featured places to stay in Scotland

Our different types of places to stay in Scotland

Find inspiration with our favourite places to stay in Scotland

Scotland is blessed with some of the largest, most remote, areas of wilderness in the UK. Come to marvel at golden eagles swooping above lochs and mountains; basking seals, dolphins and minke whales plunging through squally waves; and find peace on breathtakingly beautiful islands fringed by white sands and turquoise waters.

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With the remote western isles, the beaches of North Berwick and the long coastline of the Firth of Forth, there’s a huge variety of experiences on offer from coastal cottages in Scotland. Some will take you days of trekking and boat trips to arrive at, some are a short hop from the city centre.

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In this hand-picked collection of rustic-luxe holiday cottages in Scotland we’ve highlighted places that allow the outside to do all the talking, where nature is framed in vast picture windows, leaving you with a feeling of peace and tranquillity no matter the weather.

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At our places to stay in Scotland with hot tubs, you’ll always find a generous supply of logs, scented potions and cosy robes, and perhaps an added sauna or treatment room. Feel your cares melt away under the ministrations of warm water.

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From slick and sleek contemporary spaces themed on pictish brochs to a masterfully renovated 14th-century defence tower, an 1800s tabernacle and a Scottish Baronial house, here is a surprising and unusual selection of places to stay in bonny Scotland.

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Scotland, including her scattering of myriad islands, can lay claim to a whopping 11,602 miles (18,672 km) of wild and rugged coastline. Come to gaze in awe at sea eagles, puffins, osprey, dolphins, seals and otters from this collection of coastal places to stay in bonny Scotland.

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Bags of style, huge comfort, spoiling treats and the warmest of welcomes is what makes each one of these places tip the scales towards a luxurious stay. The word luxury can feel overused in the travel industry but for us it simply means indulgent and cosseting.

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One of the largest of Scotland’s islands, Skye’s stunning scenery is heaven for walkers. The seafood is sublime, whether you’re cooking at your self-catering pad, being cooked for at your hotel, or treating yourself at Michelin-star Loch Bay. Discover it all at this handful of special places to stay on the Isle of Skye.

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Our family friendly places in Scotland have this and more. Find egg collecting and tractor rides for little ones, a PS4 console and Smart TV to keep teens happy, ping pong, tennis and croquet for all ages. And beyond the door, miles and miles of glorious wildlife-rich countryside. Each one is a recipe for success.

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About our places to stay in Scotland

Self-catering & holiday cottages in Scotland

Self-catering places tend to be the choice for longer trips, as they give you a bit more freedom when it comes to things like meals and having space to lounge around when you’re not out. So while you have to look for a good kitchen, a big living room and the right number of beds, those practical considerations shouldn’t mean you sacrifice form for function. When we check out self-catering places that we might invite to join, we want to see a big magic alongside the mechanics local art, interesting décor, welcome hampers and tonnes of insider tips on things to do from owners who want you to feel at home. Those are the things that turn time away into a memorable holiday.  

Hotels in Scotland

Sometimes you look for a hotel as a treat night, but sometimes it’s more about just being where you need to be, perhaps for a wedding, as a stopover on a long journey, even for work. Whatever you need a hotel for, why should it ever have to be a big, bland monolith with rooms all the joy has been squeezed out of ? Our collection is the alternative, with small, characterful places run by people who care deeply about what they do and how they do it. Many of them are destinations in their own right, but if there’s one in a place you just need to be, then you can make it a treat night, whatever the real reason is.   

Pubs with rooms in Scotland

We all know the joy of reaching a pub at the end of a long hike and knowing you’re done with walking for the day, but that’s nothing compared to reaching the pub and knowing you’re done with everything for the day. At a pub with rooms, when your bed is upstairs, across a courtyard or sometimes just over the village green, you’re free to settle in at the bar, sink into an armchair by the fire or stroll in the garden, knowing you’ve got nowhere to be except your table for dinner. We look for places with impeccable sourcing in their food and drink, as well as comfort and style in their interiors, meaning you get a relaxing, indulgent, all-round feast for body and soul.  

Bed & Breakfast in Scotland

What’s the difference between a B&B and a hotel? Many people would say size, but there are some tiny boutique hotels. You might say standardisation across rooms, but we have plenty of hotels where each room is wildly different. In our experience, it comes down to a feeling. A B&B is perhaps a little more relaxed and informal than a hotel. There are no uniforms, no reception desks and there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself in the kitchen sticking the kettle on at some point, which is frowned upon by most hotel head chefs. In the places we look for, the warmth and friendliness is the same in both, with B&Bs simply a more homely way of doing the same thing.