Yorkshire has a wonderful range of great places to stay, from grand country houses to old stone inns with flagstone floors and dark, cosy bars. It also has plenty of decidedly average places to stay, which is why we personally inspect and carefully choose the ones we work with. 

Ever since we started in the 90s, all our hotels, self-catering places, B&Bs and pubs with rooms have been chosen for their character and individuality. We work with small-scale, independent businesses, supporting them in being who they are, not imposing our own style or rules on them.  

You’ll find the best of Yorkshire’s accommodation here, not judged by stars and thread count, but by how great they made us feel when we visited. We hope you enjoy discovering them as much as we did.  

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Featured places to stay in Yorkshire

Our different types of places to stay in Yorkshire

Find inspiration with our favourite places to stay in Yorkshire

Here are five of our most cosy places to stay in Yorkshire. Come for squishy sofas and soft rugs, cloud-comfy beds and enticing treats, plus all the creature comforts that make a holiday cottage just that little bit better than being at home.

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The best hotels are cosseting places where friendly folk make you feel welcome and well fed. So, we’ve rounded up five of our favourites in Yorkshire, from super-stylish boutique retreats to down-to-earth, cosy places that all have one thing in common – sublime food.

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About our places to stay in Yorkshire

Self-catering & holiday cottages in Yorkshire

In our experience, there seem to be two roads you can go down when you’re setting up a self-catering place. You can take out anything personal, decorate in neutral colours and order in a lot of cheap tableware to minimise your liability. Or, you can treat it as an opportunity to raid your own home, antique shops, artisans and art galleries for a tonne of things you love and fill the place with all of it. We definitely prefer the latter. A Sawday’s self-catering place feels like you’re borrowing the keys to a good friend’s home for a few days. It has personality, charm and the feeling of being warmly welcomed, even if you never meet your hosts.   

Hotels in Yorkshire

The hotel, as a type of place to stay, covers the broadest spectrum. The word applies equally to a three-room boutique offering in Totnes as to a 35-storey monolith in Vegas. This means that small businesses are competing with multinational corporations and that doesn’t make for a very level playing field. We work only with independent, small-scale hoteliers, on a membership basis. We put you directly in touch with them and take no commission from anyone when you find them through us. It’s our way of trying to help places with genuine character and creativity, not mass-produced dullness, survive in an industry stacked against them.  

Pubs with rooms in Yorkshire

Yorkshire pubs, as with the county itself, have the reputation of being simple, no-nonsense places. It’s a huge stereotype of course, with the shades of truth those always have but far more diversity to the reality than it implies. At our Yorkshire pubs with rooms, you’ll find a little bit of nonsense, if by that you mean style and pampering, but also food deeply rooted in the abundant local produce, ales from round the corner and a heartfelt warm welcome. It’s almost as if they mastered the art of making a good pub long ago and are now simply tweaking their perfect recipe. 

Bed & Breakfast in Yorkshire

There’s a slight misperception that surrounds B&Bs, which is that you’ll be “forced” to talk to people over breakfast every day. While they do tend to be more sociable places to stay than say, hotels, the art of running a B&B is knowing what your guests need and getting it to them, whether that’s a full run down on local things to do or a restorative cup of coffee and an absorbent breakfast. At the B&Bs we like to work with, you might well end up chatting long into the night with fellow guests or fascinating owners, but nobody is going to make you. It’s one of those things that is wonderful precisely because it sometimes just happens