We're a certified B Corporation

B Corporations are companies using business as a force for good.

The certification is independently awarded, constantly reviewed and a real indication that you’re doing things the right way.


What is B Corp? 

B Corp is a status awarded by a non-profit organisation called B Lab, that was started in 2006 as a way to help companies maximise the positive impact of their business. It has become a powerful community of corporations across the world, all working to change the way that business gets done. (In case you’re wondering, the B came from “be the change you want to see”.)

How do you become B Corp certified?

Being B Corp means that everything about your company has been examined and approved, from your ownership structure to your suppliers and the sustainability of your offices. The application process is extremely thorough and passing it proves that your company has a deep commitment to changing not just the way they do business, but the way business is done all over the world.  

What is our B Corp score?

Every member of the B Corp community is given a score based on all the points checked in their application. The areas examined are Governance, Workers, Community, Environment and Customers.  The minimum score for acceptance is 80 and ours is 96.2. For context, fellow Bristolians Pukka Herbs score 104.1, Hobbs House Bakery 91 and Greenhouse PR 88.8. The score is reviewed every three years and we’re looking to drive ours up by examining everything about how we work.

See our full B Corp score breakdown here

View our 2020 Impact report

What makes us B Corp?

We scored very well for our company structure, particularly being under employee ownership and having the Sawday Trust, which uses its share of profits to support environmental causes, as part owners. Initiatives like our mission to plant 1,000,000 trees by 2025 and our drive towards becoming a carbon neutral office contributed too. We did brilliantly for staff wellbeing and happiness and also for our contribution to communities, which is what we were most proud of.

Everything we do goes back to supporting independent accommodation providers in an industry that increasingly seems designed to marginalise them. To be recognised for that and become part of a community that shares our values is extremely rewarding.