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Coronavirus FAQ

It has been an unprecedented few weeks and we’re sure many of you have questions about bookings – both current and future. While the situation is changing all the time, we will continue to update our FAQ to support you during this difficult time.

What do I say to a guest if they want to cancel their stay within the UK?  

The current UK government guidelines are to avoid all non-essential contact and stay at home for a period that will last until at least 12 April. This includes travelling within the UK for holidays or isolation purposes. We have recommended that guests get in contact with you to explore options, including the possibility of rearranging their booked dates. If they are not ready to commit to a future date, you could credit their stay in gift vouchers (if this is something you offer).

What do I do if a guest doesn’t want to reschedule their UK stay?

If a guest does not want to rearrange their UK stay and is asking for a refund, you should recommend they contact their travel insurer to see whether they can claim back the cost of their trip. We’ve made guests aware that we are working with small, independent businesses whose policies in situations like these will vary.

What if a guest is travelling from overseas where there is a travel ban? 

This will be on a case-by-case basis but we would recommend that they follow the current advice of their own government and travel advisories. If they are advising not to travel to that region, their travel insurance should provide them with a full refund. Alternatively, you can offer gift vouchers to credit their stay or suggest alternative dates. 

I have a property in France, Italy, Spain or Portugal and guests from the UK are wanting to cancel. What do I do?

We have told our guests to contact you directly so that you can go through your individual policies with them. The UK government is currently advising against all but essential travel in and out of the country, so we would recommend that they claim back their holiday via their travel insurance. Alternatively, you could offer them a date change or credit their stay via gift vouchers so they can book dates further in advance.

The French government has announced new measures to support businesses in the travel industry, where accommodation providers can offer a voucher for the value of the stay, valid for 18 months, instead of an immediate refund.

You can find more information here > 

If French is not your first language, and you need some help with the interpretation and translation, please contact our membership team, where one of the French speakers will be delighted to assist you.

Should I take new bookings?

The UK Government has announced that citizens should avoid all non-essential travel and stay home, which includes travelling within the UK for holidays or isolation purposes. This restriction will be in place until at least 12 April. We have advised guests who are hoping to book a trip to consider making a booking for the latter half of the year.

For European owners, we would suggest that you follow your current Government advice about travel into and within your country.

Going forward, we would suggest that all owners set clear T&Cs for guests who make future bookings. We would advise that you try to remain as flexible as possible to encourage guests to book.

What about my current bookings for July and August?

Unfortunately, there is no time limit on how long the disruption may last. We have, however, recommended to our guests that they only get into contact with their host one month prior to their stay. This will allow you to assess the situation at the time and make decisions based on current Government advice.

View our advice to guests here >

How will Sawday’s continue to market to guests?

We are still communicating with guests – inspiring and engaging them during this period, ready to encourage them to book again when the time is right. We will be investing heavily in our marketing once we recover from the current situation, and are already working on campaigns.

How can I get in touch with Sawday’s?

Whilst the team are working remotely, we are using cloud technology to transfer telephone calls. As with many cloud services, during periods of increased demand, reliability has been affected. If your call isn’t answered within a few rings, we would encourage you to email your account manager or and we can get the relevant member of the team to get in touch with you.

What do I do if I am concerned about the financial future of my business?

For UK owners, we know that banks are being helpful. If you haven’t spoken to your bank about your situation you may want to do this. They can talk to you about overdrafts, working capital, grants and loans. 

You can find more information here >

The UK government has also announced measures to support businesses during this period. As these initiatives are relatively new, details have not necessarily been finalised just yet. We would recommend keeping an eye on the UK Government website for the latest updates as they are announced. 


Last checked: 9 April 2020