How we do (good) business

We were founded on strong principles about the way travel should be, how people ought to be treated and the role businesses can play in their communities.

With our employee ownership model, charitable trust and B Corp certification, we have structured our company around those values and are always looking for ways to increase our positive impact.

B Corp

Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.  

We are immensely proud to have become part of a global movement harnessing the power of business to help address society’s greatest challenges. 




In 2018, we set up the Sawday Trust, which now owns 24% of the company.

It will use its share of profits to address the impact of tourism on climate change through research, action and support of relevant causes.


Our mission guides us to look for socially and environmentally responsible ways to do business.

We’re fair, honest and human with our guests and owners. We choose our brand partners with care and pay our taxes at every level.


In 2018 we entered into a unique version of Employee Ownership, in which the company was divided between the employees (52%), a Charitable Trust (24%) and the Sawday family (24%).

It means that every member of our team is a part of deciding our future. It’s made Sawday’s an even better place to work and means that it will always be true to the values it was founded on.

The Board

Our board reflects the company structure, with representation from the Sawday’s family and employees at every level ensuring we stay true to our values. It is comprised of:

Sarah Flanagan (Non-executive Chair), Mike Bevens (Managing Director), Alastair & Toby Sawday (Non-executive Directors), Tom Dixon (Director) and Nicola Crosse (Employee Director).


Our Community Champions are not-for-profit special places, who receive partially or fully subsidised Sawday’s membership as recognition for the causes or communities they support.

Our marketing and PR means they can focus less on making ends meet and more about doing good.

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