The Sawday’s Impact Report 2023-24

A word from Tessa, our Sustainability Manager

“We live in a short-sighted world, where we fail to look ahead to the consequences of our actions as a business. It’s time for that to change.”

As the world turns its attention to sustainability and ethics with more force than ever, many brands are investing heavily in painting pictures of their efforts or drastically altering their methods. We are forever grateful that our business was born 30 years ago with strong ethics, authentic values and a genuine ambition to improve the impact of travel. Socialism and environmentalism are in our blood. The very nature of our unique business model, where employee ownership joins with our charitable trust, allows both the people and the environment to have a voice at the most senior level.

2023 was about weaving this way of thinking into every team within the business and reviewing our practices to ensure we act always with integrity. We wanted to get away from the common failing of short sighted thinking, failing to plot and follow a long-term plan. We designed our 2027 strategy, envisioning what we wanted the future of travel to look like 4 years from now. We proudly launched a 3-year charity partnership with Campaign for National Parks and we forged ahead with our Net Zero 2030 reduction strategies. Importantly, we have come together to share ideas and resources within our industry. Alongside our Travel by B Corp group and other partnerships, we continue inspire change and use our business as a force for good wherever we can.

We continued to refine the accuracy of our data and started taking action. Recognising Scope 3 represented the majority of our emissions, we focussed our energy here.

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Inspiring guests to travel better in busy summer months was at the heart of our 2023 creative campaign. We also began trying to understand the nuances of the problems by speaking to people who live in destinations effected by overtourism.

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In 2023 we ramped up our inspirational content around train travel. Meanwhile we gathered data from guests to better understand how we can influence behaviour.

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A motivation to see better care for some of the most important natural habitats in the UK inspired a new 3-year charity partnership with Campaign for National Parks.

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Recognising the inequality in who has access to nature, we’re supporting Campaign for National Parks in their mission to get more young people connected to our natural world, with hopes to raise a new generation of environmentalists.

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We continued to welcome new community champions, going above and beyond for nature and people. Our charitable trust gave over £26k of impactful grants to the people making change in the world.

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We added even more policies to improve the wellbeing of our team and our work to become a more diverse and inclusive organisation continued.

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With recertification a couple of years away, 2023 allowed us to focus energy on our collective change with our fellow members of Travel by B Corp.

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What’s next? 2027 Goals

Having a long-term vision prevents us from being short-sighted with our actions and allows us to be bold with the targets we set ourselves. It’s not enough to take small steps, we need to challenge ourselves to take giant leaps to see real change in the travel industry.

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About us


Sawday’s was founded 29 years ago, from wine-stained notes on French walking tours. The principle of inspecting every place and forming personal connections started here and never left us. Becoming leaders in ethical and sustainable travel was a natural path for us to walk.  

Canopy & Stars came next, with an outdoorsy spin that brought treehouses, cabins and yurts to a huge audience. Every place is still inspected, in walking boots rather than comfortable shoes, and less than 20% of places that apply are accepted into the collection. 

Paws & Stay, the puppy of the family, was created in 2021 as the UK’s only dog-first travel website. It was made by animal lovers to take the frustration out of finding genuinely dog-friendly places to stay.