How to take action

This is not a drill. It is time for every single one of us to take action.  

COP26 has caught our attention and gives the opportunity for our environment to be at the top of global governments’ agendas. But we cannot simply rely on the people in power, they have proved their commitments are not ambitious enough and they fail to deliver on their promises. So, it is for us, the people, to come together, make our demands and take our own action to stand in solidarity with our planet. 

The enormity of the climate emergency that we are facing can feel daunting and it is hard to know where to start. But instead of being paralysed, start small and just do something, however small. It all makes a difference.

1. Demand more from our leaders at COP26

Contact your MP or even the Prime Minister on social media, using #COP26COMMITTOMORE.

Messages are better heard when made by the many. It takes less than 5 minutes to demand more via social media: Tweet, Tag or ‘DM the PM’ using the hashtag #COP26COMMITTOMORE.

Or write to them: Download our letter template here and personalise it to include what’s important to you (i.e. your children’s future, clean air, saving our wildlife). Find out more about how to write to your local MP here.


2. Join the Global Day of Action for Climate Justice 

On Saturday 6 November, cities around the globe will be marching to demand more. Find your closest rally here. Share with your communities.  

3. Join us to plant a forest 

Action needs to be taken to sequester carbon in our atmosphere alongside reducing future emissions. Planting trees is just one of the ways this can be achieved. Join us to plant a forest by donating to Treesisters.

4. Commit to reduce

The first step is understanding your own Commit to Reduction – calculate your footprint and commit to reduction via the WWF.