Coastal cottages and special places to stay

A cottage by the sea conjures up a beautiful image of driftwood charm and the casual comfort of living in your beach clothes. All too often the reality is a soulless apartment block that could be anywhere in the world. Our coastal cottages have everything you need plus the personality and charm for a life by the sea, not just a beach holiday. 

We carefully inspect and select all our cottages, hotels, inns and self-catering places on the coast, looking for character, creativity and soul. We’ve seen everything from white villas clinging to the cliffs of the Amalfi, to terraced spa hotels on the Cornish coast and old stone cottages hidden in the crags of Pembrokeshire.

We’ve checked that they’ll have everything you need, but also that they’ll give you that feeling of not just being at the seaside, but living on the coast.

All these places are within three miles of the coast.
They might not necessarily have sea views, but you’ll feel the tang of salt in the air.


“…a winning plea for slow, responsible and
off the beaten track journeys”

All these places are right on the beach.
You can open the window and hear the sound of the waves.

Featured places