Hot tub holidays and special places to stay

Toast a day in the mountains or clocked miles exploring local villages with a well-deserved, relaxing soak in a hot tub. Often under a blanket of stars or a canopy of trees, all the more captivating when there’s an impressive view. Romantic, relaxing, entertaining… the choice is yours.

Watch the surfers below from a cliff-top hot tub in Cornwall, rest weary limbs at a cottage on the Pennine Way or take to your jacuzzi at a glamorous passive house in the wild ‘garrigue’ above Nîmes.

Our hotels, B&Bs and self-catering cottages with hot tubs are visited and carefully chosen to make sure that the bathing isn’t the only special thing about them. We look for places that have a distinct character, creativity and spirit. If there happens to be a hot tub too, then who are we to argue?

Popular hot-tub holidays

Relax in style with our romantic getaways for just the two of you, hilltop villas with incredible scenic views,
fun holidays for the whole family, or cottages made for big celebrations.

Hot tubs with spectacular views

Places with hot tubs with a difference

Top hot tub holiday destinations

Warm up with a long soak after a big hike in the Scottish Highlands, wandering the medieval towns and artisan communities of France,
or tasting your way around the vineyards of Italy. Choose from our most popular destinations to find your perfect place.

Destination inspiration

Our most popular destination: coastal walks, great surf, white sandy beaches, delicious foodie spots and beautiful countryside.

One of the most picturesque regions in the UK: beautiful lakes set against mountain backdrops, great hiking terrain and swimming in waterfalls.

A glorious Portuguese island of year-round warm sea, amazing marine life, tropical waterfalls, towering peaks and the culture of three continents.

Featured places

Hot tub holiday FAQs


What are the benefits of being in a hot tub?

Being in a hot tub can relieve sore muscles and arthritis, help with stress and sleep, and lower blood pressure. The heat of a hot tub increases blood flow, easing away tension. Using a hot tub while on holiday can be particularly beneficial, as you’re usually in a more relaxed state, which will enhance your experience.

Can babies go in hot tubs?

Babies are not advised to go in hot tubs until they are at least five years old. Temperatures often rise to above 100 degrees fahrenheit, which could be harmful to babies. Even if you think your baby would be safe to bathe in a hot tub it would not be recommended.

Can you go in a hot tub when pregnant?

It is not advised to bathe in a hot tub during pregnancy due to high temperatures, particularly during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Even if you want to bathe in a hot tub for as little as 10 minutes, you may find yourself overheating