Our favourite cheeses from Somerset

Gwen Vonthron

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When we think of Somerset, our thoughts take on a golden hue. We imagine sparkling pints of cider, waves of barley shimmering in the evening sun, and, of course thick slices of rich, mellow cheese. Our resident expert on West Country food and drink, Gwen Vonthron, has picked out five of the best cheeses to seek out in Somerset.

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Somerset is known for its Cheddar, and I’ve picked out two stand-out candidates below, but you’ll also find some more unusual Somerset cheeses.


Jamie Montgomery is following his grandfather’s tradition, started in 1911, by using the traditional methods of ‘cheddaring’, using the same strains of starter culture used 111 years ago. He is one of the few cheesemakers who still uses calf rennet to set the curds, and he is almost unique in using a peg mill to break up the cheddared curd – which gives the cheese its brittle, broken texture.

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Barber’s Cheddar

Now the oldest surviving cheddar-maker in the world, Barber’s have been making cheddar on their Somerset farm since 1883. Combining new innovations with traditional methods, Barber’s ‘cheddar’ their curds by hand and mature their cheese until it reaches peak condition, creating a uniquely rich and full-flavoured cheese.

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Bath Blue from the Bath Soft Cheese Company

Creamy and soft in texture, Bath Blue was awarded Supreme Champion at the World Cheese Award in 2014. A two-month ripening process gives it it’s lovely blue-veined taste. It also happens to be the closest cheese maker to the Sawday’s office!

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Blissful Blue

Made from buffalo’s milk, it’s a soft, yet moreish, and powerful flavoured blue cheese made at the edge of Exmoor. Its creamy texture is good match for powerful full bodied red wine and it’s vegetarian, the blue veins come from the penicillium roqueforti (as in Roquefort) give the characteristic blue tang.

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Eve Goat Cheese

Taking inspiration from the cheesemaking methods of Provence – this small, soft goats’ cheese is wrapped in vine leaves. It’s also washed in Somerset cider brandy, creating a wonderfully nutty flavour.

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