Sawday’s x Byway

We’ve partnered with flight-free holiday provider,  Byway, to create three special sustainable itineraries. All Byway trips include transport and accommodation, with these three routes featuring some of our places to stay. There’s a romantic ramble through glorious Italy, a sunny escape to the south of France and a coastal adventure in Cornwall, all designed to get you deeper into some wonderful destinations. 

Take a look at the itineraries and follow the links below to book your trip with Byway, or see our other inspiring flight-free content for more suggestions on places to savour slowly and sustainably. 

Your Sawday’s x Byway journey to Cornwall 

Leave London behind and whisk yourself off to the south coast, spending five nights in two glorious waterfront spots, where you can linger on the terrace and watch the waves.  

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Your Sawday’s x Byway journey to Italy 

An epic journey made easy, as you hop over to Paris before heading all the way down to Florence and Venice, coming home on a dramatically scenic route through the alps.

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Your Sawday’s x Byway journey to the French Riviera 

All the sun and sea you could want, as you nip down to Nice, spend a couple of days basking in the grandeur of Cannes then indulge in a Parisian stopover on the way home. 

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Information & Booking

The Byway team can you help you tailor your itinerary in every way, from lengthening stays and changing destinations to equipping you with hints and tips to the best discoveries at every stop. If you like the look of our itineraries, get in touch with Byway. You could be riding the rails next week  

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Travel inspiration from our flight-free experts 

Europe’s most spectacular train journeys

From coastal journeys across the French Riviera, and rack railways clacking up Spanish mountainsides to express trains cutting through the heart of the Sicilian countryside and winding around Italy’s cliffs, there are limitless journeys to take through Europe. Travel writer and train expert, Monisha Rajesh, shares four journeys with spectacular scenery at every twist and turn.

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Four train journeys perfect for solo travellers

For solo travellers, trains provide a wonderful cloak of anonymity – or a readymade group of friends. The sense of belonging is innate, the knowledge that from the moment you board until the moment you leave, you’re drawn into the fold of a unique railway family, one that unites you for those few hours or minutes, whatever your reason for travelJournalist and author, Monisha Rajesh, who has written several books and countless articles on train travel, shares a few of her favourite routes for solo travellers.

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Short French breaks by train

France is so easily reached by train and therefore, as French expert and travel writer Carolyn Boyd, has discovered, it’s simple to discover charming new corners of France and arrive with ease and comfort. Your destination need not be a big city hub, either. With smaller train lines linking up to the main TGV lines, you can find a cosy bolthole surrounded by woodland, vineyards, or sea.

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Discover Italy by train

Italy is a joy to travel by train; they’re fast, tickets are easy to buy and the network is so extensive you can explore the history, flavours and culture of multiple regions in one holiday. Our Italy expert, Nicole Franchini, shares four routes to inspire your next trip, from spectacular lake and mountain views to ancient, colourful towns tumbling down into sparkling seas.

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Marche’s Slow Food train trail

Travelling by train through La Marche is a delicious way to discover a region that has the luscious landscapes, sparkling blue seas and impeccable food of neighbours Tuscany and Umbria, but a fraction of the crowds. The route spans 59km, from Pesaro to Ancona, making nine scenic and sumptuous stops along the Adriatic coast.

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Coastal trails, new rails and overnight trains 

With the landscape of travel changing as more of us look for cost-effective, greener holiday options, we decided to go, slowly and sustainably of course, in search of new ways to explore the UK.

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Salt pans, green wine and riverside trains

We asked our community of owners in Portugal and immediately started planning trips to Porto’s new wine districts, the São Jacinto Dunes, waterfront markets, art galleries and the warm waters of Madeira.

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Our favourite Scottish rail trips 

There’s something decidedly old-fashioned and romantic about boarding a sleeper train and waking up at your destination, and once you’ve made your way to Scotland, there are plenty of rail trips that allow you to carry on into the stunning scenery at a rumbling pace.

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About Byway

Byway are experts in flight-free travel. They create travel and accommodation packages away from the traditional tourist trails, using trains, bikes, buses and ferries. Personalised support from the team via WhatsApp before and during your holiday means they can tweak your trip for you right up to the last minute and even while you’re away. 

With Byway’s commitment to the same slow, enriching form of travel that we’ve been championing for three decades, it made perfect sense to team up with them.