Our top tips for a great gallery

Ella Perryman

5 min read

A great photo gallery makes such a massive difference that it’s worthwhile investing in professional photos. Owners who have followed our photo advice have seen their page views increase by 74% on average.

Use someone who’s been recommended to you (we have a list if you need it) and always check their website before you book them to see if their style will work for your place.


Our top tips

Have a “wow” first photo to grab the guest’s attention.

Tell a story with your pictures: show the guest what it’ll be like to arrive and stay there.

Make the place look welcoming with fresh flowers, lit fires, well-made beds, anything that gives a guest a feel for the place. Then show the outside and the views.

Think about what looks inviting. Open doors and windows inside and out.

If you have a pub or hotel you’ll need to show the bar and restaurant area, as well as the outside and views.

If you have a B&B it’s important you show where people will be having breakfast.

Don’t show very similar photos of the same room.

Show the best possible perspective of the room. Avoid having any source of light or window behind the main subject or it will look too dark.

    Include a few pictures of the immediate area to give guests an idea of exactly where you are (the street, if you’re a terraced house or nearby beach, if you’re on the coast)
    Only use close up photos if they show attention to detail and character. Things like bathroom taps and light fittings might show quality, but don’t give a feel for the experience.
    Horizontal not vertical: remember that photos should always be landscape oriented (wider than they are tall).
    Big is beautiful: pictures should be between 1 and 5MB; our site will handle the rest.